How do I use legacy Eventify™ WordPress Plugin tags in WordPress.


Tag Usage: To display events in the google styled calendar system

display an entire calendar in a page/post, by just entering the following short tag in any post/page!


Tag Usage: To display events as list on a page/post/text widget use the following shortcode

[eventifytag displaytype="events" displayno="1" dateformat="dd-mm-yyyy"]

displaytype can be either "events" or "days" and displayno has to be a valid number.

  1. If you set the displaytype as "events" - Next n number of events will be listed. This number is set using the "displayno" parameter.

  2. If you set the displaytype as "days" - Events occuring in the next n days will be listed. This number is set using the "displayno" parameter.

  3. For more dateformat attribute values click here.
  4. If you still are facing some problems please have a look at the video tutorials in the knowledge base.

Tag Usage: To allow users/admin/authors/editors to add events using a POST/PAGE

[eventifyform loggedin="admin" popuponly="1"]

  1. You can set loggedin to either "admin" or "editor" or "author" or "user". Setting the loggedin parameter with the value of "user" would let any one using the PAGE/POST to add events.

  2. If you set popuponly as "1", the form will only allow the admin/editor/author/user to enter events that are stored as "popups" instead of showing the admin/editor/author/user an option to choose between storing events either as "popups" or "posts".

Please NOTE: Do not copy paste the above code directly into your page/post editor. Make sure the "text" tab is selected. Please see below.


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