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You're looking at Eventify™ Pros' new Help Center. The Eventify™ Pro Help Center consists of two sections, the knowledge base - where this article resides and the community - meant for users to discuss pre-selected topics about Eventify™ Pro, like Feature Requests, etc.

Looking for legacy support? You can have a look at FAQs about the legacy Eventify™ WordPress Plugin and the Legacy Support community. You can find the legacy Eventify™ WordPress Plugin in the WordPress plugin repository. It still works for older versions of WordPress.

If you have any questions about the Help Center, I invite you to add those questions in the Eventify™ Pro Help Center Community, under the General Discussions Topic. I or other fellow users will be answering your questions there. 

The Help Center is designed to provide a complete self-service support option for you. It lets you search for an article to learn a task, or ask fellow users for solutions to problems. If you can't find an answer, you can simply submit a ticket to the creator/author.

For more information, see Using the Help Center to get support.

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