Changelog for legacy Eventify™ WordPress Plugin.


2.1 - New date format options. Old date formats fixed. Fixed the donate button. For more info visit Eventify™ Pro Simple Events Management Help Center

2.0.a - Updated the plugin and fixed some issues with the date picker. Plugin is now compatible with WordPress 3.9+

1.8.a - Added support for repeating events. Added event category management for events saved as posts. Fixed bugs where adding events would stop working.

1.7.h - Security fix. Fixed another security exploit caused by RFI. Thanks to Mark.

1.7.g - Security fix. Fixed a major SQL injection exploit. Thanks to Miroslav Stampar.

1.7.f - Major JavaScript bug fixed. Thanks to Mitzi Withrow. The bug would show the popup when listing the events using the short tag.

1.7.e - Minor Calendar Bug Fix.

1.7.d - Fixed another calendar bug.

1.7.c - Fixed the calendar bug, now events appear proper with tooltips. Please have a look at screenshots for moe.

1.7.b - Fixed bug with Eventify™ Widget listing, List for "Display events occurring in the next 'n' days" was not working. Now Fixed.

1.6.e - Fixed bug with deleting events, now events delete gracefully.

1.6.d - Small bug fixes brought up to notice by users.

1.6.c - Major bug fix! Please upgrade to this version. Thanks to DANIELA. :)

1.6.b - Major upgrade! Added functionality to edit events that have been already added(Thanks to THOMAS for suggesting). Added functionality to set if users can choose between "popups" or "posts" or just allow them to store events as "posts"(Thanks DANIELA to for suggesting). Added a new short tag that would allow you to add a form for adding new events on any POST/PAGE. Also with this new release, the plugin will now use jQuery for other upcoming features and some features like the POPUP for events has been changed to jQuery.

1.5.a - Some bug fixes and a back up option, for backing up all events in the database. 

1.4.e - Minor release with some bug fixes :) Added a facebook page too ... if you use it join it :)

1.4.c - Fixed a major issue with new installs, the database table will not be created with 1.4.b, you have to use the 1.4.c for that. That's the reason no events would be added if you were trying to do so. Sorry!

1.4.b - Updated both the front end and back end forms and restructured some code, will be cleaning up code for other files with next releases also. As for the front end and back end forms added 'Time from' and 'Time to' fields on request. :)

1.4.a - Added another widget, which is supplied with the plugin to let your users add events, it can be configured based on the roles present in WordPress.

1.3.c - Fixed js bug in IE 8 Thanks to Dustin.

1.3.b - Minor bug fix release.

1.3.a - Added a feature to use shortcodes [enventifytag] that allows you to list events in pages/posts/text widgets/etc. New video tutorials uploaded, showing how to use the plugin and its features. Fixed some issues with bulk upload for events.

1.2.b - Added some additional date formats for the widget and popup.. post still remains, will be covered in the next update, on request. If you are encountering errors, deactivate, delete and re-install the plugin from

1.2.a - Added a feature to store events as posts and link them to the widget showing events.

1.1.e - Added international time zones for events, fixed issue with options page.

1.1.d - Added Lightbox type display for events, when events are clicked up in the sidebar widget, also fixed bug with event venue not being showing up on popups.

1.1.c - Added feature to display date on the widget as mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy and added a venue column.

1.1.b - Addressed some issues with deleting the events and bulk upload features.

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