When will Eventify™ Pro - Simple Events Management be released?


Currently I am developing Eventify™ Pro. It's been 2 years and whatever time I could afford to put into Eventify Pro, I have. I am putting in more time into Eventify™ Pro starting this year, i.e. 2014. 

The private beta, will be finally, releasing by the end of 2014 or 31st January 2015 latest. 

If you did like to participate in the private beta program you can signup now for Eventify™ Pro - Simple Events Management and leave me your email address. The day the private beta goes live you will receive an email from me informing you of the same and steps to take to participate in the private beta program. 


Alternatively, you can bookmark the Eventify™ Pro Knowledge Base and keep coming back for reading announcements, etc. 


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